An Experience of a Lifetime: 4 Days in Iceland

You don´t need to take such a long vacation to get to know Iceland. All you need is only 4 days in Iceland that can turn into your lifetime memory.

An already experienced visitor would recommend to make a stop at the volcanic island at least twice – once in summer, when the rich green grass fields show their beauty, and then in winter to see the spectacular northern lights.

With the fall and winter vacation approaching, time best known for the observation of the northern lights, we have prepared tips and places that will make your discovery adventure more interesting. Adventurers can travel by their own, and for those who enjoy comfort in the form of an experienced driver and a guide, there is a variety of package tours that we have arranged. Let’s see what you can do in 4 days in Iceland.

4 Days in Iceland

Reykjavik – the Northernmost Capital in the World

Reykjavik, a city that never sleeps, the heart of Iceland. If you walk, you can finish the sightseeing of all the important monuments in the downtown in couple hours and you won´t definitely regret it because there is always something happening in Reykjavik. The dominant feature of the city is the church Hallgrimskirkja, designed as to resemble the volcano after its eruption. Some claim that it looks like more than a spaceship before departure, mainly because of the popular picture. With its area of only 274 km2, you can visit Perlan with its observation deck where you can have a nice view on the whole city. Don´t skip the villa Hofdi that played an important role in our history as a place where Reagan together with Gorbachev agreed on shutting the Cold War down. This is one of the reasons why Iceland is considered a peaceful country worldwide. If you particularly enjoy music, you can´t miss Harpa, the concert hall situated on the coast, attracting people´s attention, mainly of those who love the simple Scandinavian architecture. When it comes to lunchtime, we recommend tasting the most popular and best-tasting hotdog in Iceland at Baejarins Beztu Pylsur. Even Bill Clinton said he has never eaten a best hotdog, and we can assure you he wasn´t lying. After you´re done with your snack, you can head towards the town hall Radhus and walk along the beautiful lake Tjörnin. The street Laugarvegur, full of delightful small stores, coffeehouses and bookstores, can be the last stop to see.


The Golden Circle – The Most Popular Route in Iceland

“The Golden Circle“ excursion tour is divided into four main stops, with each of them taking your breath away. The Þingvellir National Park, described as the first stop, is historically well known mainly because of the oldest parliament Althingi. If you´re watching The Game of Thrones, you will definitely enjoy it. Many parts of the series have been filmed at this place. In this park you can get an opportunity to see two tectonic plates that are separating from each other at speed of 2,5 cm in a year. The next stop reveals the father of all the other geysers, The Great Geysir. Although not active anymore, his son Strokkur keeps erupting at every 10 minute intervals up to height of 20 meters! Not far from the geyser there is a waterfall called Gullfoss, also called as the golden waterfall. There´s a legend connected to this waterfall about the treasure hidden on its bottom, as well as a magnificent rainbow that can be seen during sunny days. The last stop of The Golden Circle is the crater Kerid. There´s a beautiful lake located at its bottom that changes its color in different weather conditions. You can walk along its perimeter and relish the country view.


Southern Iceland

At the end of the tour via Southern Iceland you can stop in a small town called Vík í Mýrdal, located 180 kilometers from Reykjavik. Before getting there, stop by at the most popular waterfall Seljalandsfoss to take some incredible pictures. After that, you can visit Skogafoss, the waterfall where due to the amount of spray the waterfall constantly produces, a rainbow is visible during the sunny days. Popular with its black sand beaches, you can visit the one ranking in the top 10 most beautiful beaches worldwide – Reynisfjara. Don´t skip Dyhólaey where you can also see the never-ending black sand beaches and magnificent rock formations. If you get lucky, you can spot here some puffins – a characteristic bird species found in Iceland. Take a walk on the black sand beach in Vik and let the locals tell you about the legend about two trolls that dragged a ship to land and when the daylight broke they became needles of rock in the middle of the ocean.


4 days in IcelandThe Snaefellsnes Peninsula – Iceland in Miniature

The Snaefellsnes peninsula is located 120 kilometers from Reykjavik so you can easily reach it in 4 days in Iceland and is visible only during the clear days. At the end of the peninsula there is a beautiful volcano called Snaefellsjokull. On the way to the volcano, stop at the beach Ytri Tunga where you will be able to see a colony of seals that live here the whole year. You can finish your journey after Arnarstapi and Hellnar, along the cliffs in a small coffee shop where you can taste the traditional Icelandic dry cake. Another paradise for photographers is the exquisitely shaped mountain Kirkjufell, also situated around.

We hope that our tips about exploring Iceland have allured you at least for a second. D-Travel can prepare a private “4 days in Iceland tour” if you want to see all these beautiful places. Feel free to contact us about your trip to Iceland.

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  1. Robert Springer
    Robert Springer says:

    I went to Iceland with my family. It was an amazing experience to go there and visit most of the beautiful places in Iceland. I want to go there again but this time in the summer.Thanks for this post.


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