What To Wear In Iceland

Many travellers will agree, that the worst part of every vacation is packing your luggage. You never know, what you’ll need in the destination and deciding whether to take five T-shirts or just four seems like an impossible task. So let’s see what to wear in Iceland.

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An Experience of a Lifetime: 4 Days in Iceland

You don´t need to take such a long vacation to get to know Iceland. All you need is only 4 days in Iceland that can turn into your lifetime memory.

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5 of the best things to do in Iceland during March

March in Iceland

 Iceland during winter is not only a dark island in the Atlantic. The northern lights are still on. You can see it, spotting the buses with tourist, leaving town every night. But spring is in the air and you dont know what to do in March in Iceland? March 20 is not only anniversary of […]

How to make the best of your day tour in Iceland

At this point, there is lots of decisions behind you. You’ve choosen the right flight and accommodation. And you visit Iceland at least for a couple of days. Who would wonder by todays prices? And now you have to focus what to see during your trip to make it worth it. 

Velkomin til Íslands, we are travel agency D-Travel Iceland!

Agency D-Travel Iceland was set in 2014, exactly at the time when Iceland was experiencing its travel boom as a destination. We founded the agency because we have spent coupe years living in Iceland and we couldn´t stop being amazed by this island. Desire to share our experience has turned into business.

At the beginning our service consisted mainly of offering bus rentals together with a bus driver, but as the time was passing by, we started to offer our own tours to Slovak, as well as foreign tourists.

We are currently offering day as well as multiday trips for small and medium-sized groups (for example most popular The Golden Circle Tour). We provide an unforgettable trip plan, accommodation, bus transport and a professional guide towards the island. We also cooperate with other chosen travel agencies as their partner by helping them to organize trips on Iceland.

We love to take care of our customers and to accompany them throughout the most beautiful places on this magical volcanic island and telling them the Nordic stories about nature, trolls, animals as well as local habits.

Our specialty is based on private tours that are designed exactly according to the requirements of our customers. Therefore, you can get inside of the volcano as well as climb the biggest iceberg in Europe, everything because of us!

Maybe you are wondering why to choose D-Travel Iceland as your partner on your journey in Iceland. Our answer is simple.

D-Travel Iceland – “Iceland is our home.”

 The owner and simultaneously our driver Dušan came to Iceland in 2008. The east part of Slovakia wasn´t challenging for him anymore so he decided to travel to this island for a work. Iceland totally changed his life.

In the following years almost the whole Dušan´s family moved to Iceland, and right know they are happily living in Reykjavik. Dušan used to work as a bus driver for couple travel touristic agencies in Iceland. We can say that there aren´t so many places which Dušan hasn´t visited yet. He has travel around the island countless times and he still remains amazed by the country view. The only thing that can always surprise him on the road is a sheep accidentally passing the road.

Terez is helping mainly with organisation, marketing and guiding on the trips. She fell in love with Iceland two years ago when her mother accidentaly took her there for a vacation. It was love on the first sight. Since then she was trying to find a way how to come back to the island. Thanks to her university internship she finally made it to Iceland and spent there 5 months, during which she founded a travel blog for all lovers of the Scandinavian countries and books. After she came home from her internship she tried to find other ways how to get there, again, when Dušan gave her an irresistible offer. She became a professional tour guide and now plays an inseperable part of the company. She considers Iceland to be her home.

We are very delighted to meet all of our customers during our day and excursion tours. We are very pleased to answer all your questions and we would be even more happy to meet you in Iceland.

Bless, bless. Eigið góðan dag.

Goodbye and have a great day,

Dušan a Terez

D-Travel Iceland

D-Travel Iceland