Icelandic Travel Agency D-Travel And Our Story

Icelandic Travel Agency D-Travel

D-Travel is an Icelandic travel agency established in 2014, which was exactly the time of the biggest tourism boom in the country. The idea of setting up a company wasn’t a sudden impulse, but a long-term intention of the founder while living in Iceland and working in the tourism sector. Even after many years of living in this beautiful country, we still feel the same passion and love for every place here and our desire to share these feelings led us in setting up this beautiful business.

We began small, like almost every Icelandic travel agency does, providing only drivers and vehicles to other companies and their clients. After a while, we realised we could do these things on our own and so we finally began to offer our own tours and trips.

D-Travel is an Icelandic Travel Agency with Added Value

Nowadays our offer is wide, whether it is a one-day trip from Reykjavik or multiple-day tours all around Iceland. All of our trips are suitable for smaller or larger groups depending on the requirements of our clients. We can guarantee luxurious transport, experienced drivers, Professional guides, many extra activities (helicopter tours, glacier climbing,..) and unforgettable experience. Whether we do tours for our clients or clients of our partner travel agencies, we always do our best. A proof of that are dozens of excellent ratings on Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google, etc.

Guiding people around Iceland isn’t really our job, it is our passion. We love to tell sagas about the amazing places they visit, cultural traditions, trolls and many other things. Our uniqueness is that every single tour can be done in a different way, exactly according to the needs of a client, which means private VIP tours. With us, getting inside a volcano or diving in a beautiful crystal clear lagoon is a piece of cake.

Iceland is our home

D in our name means Dušan, which is a first name of the founder. He came to Iceland in 2008. the country has totally changed his life and so he decided to move here with his family for good.

At first, he was a driver for various travel agencies and so during a couple of years, he got familiar with basically every place in Iceland. He travelled around the whole Island hundreds of times, but when you see him, you know he still loves it.  The only thing that can surprise him is a sheep that runs in front of his car 🙂

All the other employees have similar stories. They came to Iceland because of work, travel or experience only for a limited time, but after falling in love with the country, it became their home for many years now.

We are always looking forward to every new visitor coming here, so we can show him everything we can and share all the experience and wonderful stories that we have. And who knows, maybe you’ll be the next one just coming here on vacation but eventually finding a new home 😉

If you have any other questions about us or the services we offer, feel free to ask us anything.

Bless, bless. Eigið góðan dag.

Cestovná agentúra D-Travel Island

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